Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen remodeling is a tremendous way to improve the quality and the value on your home. Kitchen remodeling tends to generate a 92 percent return on investment and improves the look of the house overall. Figuring out what you want to do with the kitchen is the first step, whether you want more room, updated appliances, etc.


Creating a spacious kitchen can be beneficial. You want to have 36 inch pathways to allow you to move freely. For pathways between the cooking area, you want about 42 inches or 48 inches for a two-cook configuration. To prevent traffic jams in the kitchen, you want to make sure to move your fridge to an area accessible to passerby’s as well as those cooking/cleaning.


Finding a good place for your microwave is also pretty important. If you have kids, you want them to be able to reach it as well without the risky standing-on-a-chair method. The adult friendly level for the microwave is about 12 inches above the countertop, whereas for kids you might want to consider putting the microwave slightly below countertop level.


Kitchen islands and peninsulas are great additions to most kitchens, if done right. Determining the function of the island/peninsula is crucial so you can space it out. If you want to cook on the island/peninsula you want to make sure to give plenty of space between cooking space and dining space so that people can eat comfortably at the same time.


Countertop space near the cooktop, fridge and microwave is important as well. You will need close to two feet of countertop space on both sides of the cooktop and also near the fridge and microwave so you have a place to put your food as you take them out.


Increasingly popular, people are electing to have mini-fridges and second microwaves. This helps keep guests or the kids out of the way of the cooking. It also provides more storage having the extra fridge and if you are cooking a lot of things it allows you to have two microwaves to cook more, faster.


Other simple fixes such as cabinets above or close to the cooktop are a big plus. You can store cooking accessories, spices, etc. very close to you so you can stay focused on your cooking. Also, make sure to put plenty of outlets on the backsplash so you’ll have electricity for whatever you may need it for.  

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