we make short sales look easy!

Risking foreclosure?

Home underwater?

 Need to short sell?  


why short sale? 

- Negotiate Settlement

- Sellers Credit Bruised

- No Attorney Fees

- Liens are Negotiated

- Minimize Credit Damage

- Avoid Public Foreclosure

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approved short sale:


short sale incentives

 - Eliminate further financial liability, post-bankruptcy

- Short sales are FREE, the lender pays ALL the commissions

- Avoid foreclosure

- Free consultation with a legal attorney

- You will receive up to $10,000 in relocation assistance

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“Sheldon represented the Trustee of my bankruptcy estate. Previously, Nationstar was not interested in a short sale and the home was very underwater. Total debt on my property was $1.2million, home sold for $420k. Sheldon was also able to get me assistance for moving expenses. Trust his process and allow him to do his work. Very responsive with email and texts, as well as with phone calls.” — Steven, Former Client

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REO Agent and Short Sale Specialist Sheldon Haag and his team Emilia and Myles specialize in short sales, REO sales and bankruptcy sales

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